Best quadcopter for camera range parrot anafi

Best quadcopter for camera range – The Parrot Anafi review

In order to stay ahead of the competition in the world of drones, manufacturing companies have to prove themselves with their innovations and advancements in technology. While the biggest competitors of drones companies were busy making drones with advanced sensing abilities, the French company “Parrot” emerged with its 4K video and the first folding drone, the “Anafi.”

The Parrot Anafi drone is a total game changer for the popularity of DJI and other big drone king companies. With its incredible specifications including 4K shooting and camera gimbals capturing unique angles, it is considered as having the best camera range in a quadcopter.


Parrot Anafi Drone is one of the lightest equipped camera drones available in the market and gives a definite sidekick to its competitor DJI in the drone business. Anafi has some striking features that are hard to find in other drones available that makes Anafi one of its kinds. This best quadcopter camera range has gained fame because of the enormous reasons that lie behind its exciting specifications. Let’s take a deeper look into them:

Image Quality and Camera Performance

Parrot Anafi Camera

Anafi is genuinely exceptional in its uniqueness as well as image quality. The primary purpose of drones is to capture well defined high-quality stills and videos; Anafi is phenomenal in that aspect. It is equipped with a 1/2.4-inch CMOS sensor from Sony, HDR, f/2.4 wide-angle ASPH lens that captures images with rich contrast and details. With the ability to record spectacular 4K videos with 2.8 times digital zooming and 21 MP photos, this drone assures no discernible loss in the quality of the image. The Adobe/RAW formats and HDR shooting technology makes it the best choice for efficient editing of post-production. HDR feature of the best quadcopter camera range also enables it to shoot good-looking footage despite using it in dark or brighter areas.

Flight Modes

The automated flight modes include Boomerang, Follow Me, SmartDronie, etc. All these flight modes are equipped with amazing features of:

  • Dolly Zoom that can be used to the unusual wrap-around effect where you want to zoom in the background behind while the subject remains the same. It is perfect for post-editing purposes and is best used against distinctive backgrounds like imposed building or a mountain range.
  • Cameraman that passes control of flights to the pilot while the main subject is still pointed by the camera. It works best when capturing a static subject with a downward or upward motion.

Other flight modes include Slow motion and Hyperlapse. Strangely, some of the basic functions like ‘Touch & Fly’ and ‘Follow Me’ are locked and can be purchased through the app.

Parrot Anafi Quality Drone

Battery Life and Speed

On a full charge, Parrot Anafi provides a flight time of 25 minutes based on ideal flight conditions. It is equipped with a 700mAh and 7.6-volt lithium-polymer battery. When it comes to recharging, it surprised us with an average charge-time of 1.5 to 2 hours using the provided USB-C charger. Speed of Parrot Anafi is around 33 miles per hour and can reach up to 55 miles per hour in sports mode which is quite impressive.

Build Quality and Design Of The Best Quadcopter Camera Range

The main goal of drone manufacturers is to provide the design with optimum weight and quality build structure that provides it a good strength. If you strike the wrong balance, you’ll end up with a sturdy and fragile drone. Anafi is a successful lightweight drone and is very famous for its flexible design. Anafi weighs around 320g, its propellers and arms fold up making it very easy to carry in a small bag or other carriers.

Autonomy, Control, and Piloting

Anafi offers a kind of immediacy when it comes to its piloting and control. It’s like you can start flying this drone straight out of your box. The process of connecting this drone with your phone is quite instantaneous that’s lacking in the majority of the drones. The controls of Anafi are quite responsive. The autonomy of Anafi is spectacular in most areas. It is made easy with the use of automated flight modes, alarming vibrator for immediate attention when connected to your Smartphone as well as the new apps available like Find my Drone, SmartRth and Geofence, etc. These software updates enhance Anafi’s performance and reliability.

Parrot Anafi Folded


  • Perfect to use for aerial shots with its 21 MP RAW DNG files and videography purposes.
  • The compact and easy to carry design is very appreciative and can be easily collapsed for transport purposes.
  • Very stable and easy to control even in a stiff breeze
  • While hovering, it hardly makes any noise
  • The lossless zoom lens maintains the best quality of the image
  • Affordable pricing
  • HDR provides a pretty perfect picture by balancing the light and dark area exposure


  • Lacks advanced features like obstacle avoidance, omnidirectional sensors, Active track and Return to home
  • Bad remote design because it’s quite heavy and chunky


There’s no doubt that the Parrot Anafi stands out in its category when it comes to camera range because of its tilting and digital zooming abilities along with its unique features. Despite its previously mentioned flaws, the affordable drone provides a liberating experience of filming and dynamic shooting. Because of its flexible filming an amazing zoom image quality, it is ideally suited for your photo/videography and to take still shots. But if you are more concerned with its safety, reliability, and flight performance issues, the Anafi lacks behind. However, if you focus more on pretty pictures than everything else, Anafi is tough to beat for sure. Best of luck and happy flying!

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