The trend for aerial photography is in the air, travelers, photographers, and wanderers from all around the world are using drones with high-end cameras mounted on them to capture nature at its finest. Although there happen to be various types of drones available in the market we will be talking about a specific something; that would be the best Drone Quadcopter. In this guide, we will help you choose the best option for you in this regard. If you haven’t bought any quadcopter before and have been using simpler versions of the drones then it is going to be a little trickier and uncertain even but with the right insight, you can get there.

So, back to buying the Quadcopter, but before you do that there are a variety of questions that you should be asking like “Is the intended Quadcopter easy to fly?” What about the overall performance or quality of the cameras that it has to offer. But even before that you need to get a clear grip over the term “Quadcopter” so without further ado let’s begin;

What is Drone Quadcopter?

Quadcopter actually operates on 4 simple rotors or blades to fly and is fairly used for recreational purposes. All four blades operate simultaneously to keep the balance for the quadcopter, it is basically used for aerial photography. Consists of a central engine that powers all the blades and the movement is being controlled with the help of a transmitter. They are extremely lightweight that means they can go to fair heights above the land and the powerful cameras mounted on a quadcopter can entertain you with aerial, landscape and various other modes of the photography.

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Types of the Quadcopter

Depending upon the market and the user profile there are 3 distinctive types of the Quadcopters starting as follows;

1. Beginner Quadcopters

As the name implies the beginner Drone Quadcopters are for those users who haven’t been in contact with a quadcopter before i.e. they have never flown one before. Therefore, shifting from a simple drone mechanism to the complexity of operation that a Quadcopter offers can be tricky that is why it is advised to buy a simple or cheap Quadcopter, to begin with. These Quadcopters are basically for teaching purposes, shooting basic videos and taking pictures. The main objective here is to get your hands on the Quadcopter so that you can move onto next in line.

2. Professional Quadcopters

Anyone who is willing to take their professional approach to the next level must be buying professional Quadcopters. Videographers and the Photographers use the professional Quadcopters to shoot the sceneries or take pictures from the angles only a Quadcopter can support. They come with extremely long range, better resolution cameras and above all that perfect handling that allows the professionals to click the perfect timed shots every time.

3. Racing Quadcopters

The racing Quadcopters pack the most decent touch of performance, speed and ultimate power for those who are willing to go the extra mile. Only skilled fliers can use these quadcopters as they are quite heavy and very difficult to control as well. These drones are extremely costly and come with a variety of flight options along with manual and automatic input to get the best of the experience. Anyone having the first experience with the Quadcopters is not advised to buy them directly.

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What you should be looking when buying a Quadcopter  

There are a lot of factors that need to be put in order if you are going to find out the best Quadcopter there is for you. The features that we are about to discuss might not apply to the broad group of users such as a student might be good with less resolution power but more comfortable with the optimum handling of the Quadcopter. But a professional would be looking for both the features present in the Quadcopter simultaneously. Following are the variety of features that you should actually be looking while buying a Quadcopter, here we go;

Flight time and the extra battery costs

The first and foremost thing that you must be brought into the perspective is the flight time that you might be able to enjoy over your Quadcopter. The Quadcopter that you are buying must have steady flight time, the flight time of the beginner Quadcopters is usually 10-30 minutes 10 being the average score. Therefore, it might seem a little distressing and overwhelming that you have to land the device and apply it to charging and then flying it back. This not only hinders the project that you are working on but also contemplates with the emotions of the users as they have to stop using the Quadcopter sooner than they want to.

The only remedy that can be applied to the situation is the use of extra batteries with you. The performance and overall flight time then depend on the number of extra batteries that you will be carrying along with you. You must figure out the price of the batteries while buying the Drone as you will have to carry these extra batteries with you on the go.

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Overall Range

About all the users require a steady range in order for them to enjoy some quality time with their drones. In the case of the beginner Quadcopters, the overall range falls under from 55 to 110 yards. But in case of the advanced users, the range spectrum easily stretches to the 3miles which is a fair range to operate with. Beginners probably don’t require a large range because they are using the devices for the practice purposes but in case of the expert videographers or photographers, the range means just about everything. Therefore, before buying a Quadcopter be sure to question about the range limit that it offers and always go for the one with a considerable range stretch so that you can easily operate with your Quadcopter without any hassle.


Although cameras come with almost every drone and therefore needs to be properly assessed in order to determine what are the specifications you are looking for in your Quadcopter. If you are just going to use the drone for traveling or long-range flying you might as well leave the camera off. But being a videographer or a photographer having an operational and high-quality camera must be your utmost choice. High-quality cameras with better resolution and frame per second rates come with expansive drones. If you are going to buy the Quadcopter for photos and capturing high definition videos then camera specifications should be the main thing you look for in a drone.

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Headless mode or Headless not    

If you are a beginner and need to fly the drone for the mere fun and adventure of the operation then you might not be able to pilot the drone properly without the headless mode. The headless mode actually makes the overall controlling and functioning of the drone easier such as for the beginners. Almost all the latest drones are Quadcopters that mean when you take off the drone above the ground and high in the sky its head might be facing you directly. But up there you won’t be able to tell exactly the head and tail of the drone that is why it is important to go headless mode.

If you will try to move it to the right direction it might come as left thus giving you a hard time flying the drone properly. When the headless mode is enabled it doesn’t matter where the head is facing, when you go left on the control stick the drone will move left and vice versa. It is an extremely unique feature to work with and should be present in every drone despite the level of flying a user has.

The Return Home Button

It is a sophisticated type of GPS technology that allows your drone to come back to its origin of flight. The mechanism is very simple, in better-adapted Quadcopters you would have already set your home or any other place that you might list as safe as the “Return Home” address. When you press the button on the console the Quadcopter will abruptly act on the newly received instructions and head back towards your home. However, it is advised to use the feature while the headless mode is enabled. Otherwise, the Quadcopter will interpret the home address in a variety of directions and will not be able to return to you.

When trying to buy the Quadcopter investigate about this very feature, you might need this feature on your side if you are planning on going outside, do a lot of traveling or photo shoots and videography of various natural landscapes.

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Are Quadcopters safe for kids?

The beginner and the mini-sized drones are the best ever choice for the kids as they don’t pose any threat at all. But if you are willing to buy them one of the professional ones then it is advised to place the children under the adult supervision while operating the drones. Drones are only safe for kids when they know how to fly them and when these come with propeller guards so that it couldn’t harm anyone. Manny drones have specified systems installed in them such as the object diversion, whenever the drone comes in contact with an object it either stops its operation or diverts it all together to make sure that no harm comes to the drone or the object or person in its way.

However, not all the drones might come with this function that is why you must ask for the said feature when buying the Quadcopters.

Price of the drone is just the beginning

However, if you thought that you will be off the hook simply after buying the drone for yourself then you were absolutely wrong. Buying the drone is just the beginning after that you will have to spend a lot on your Quadcopter to increase the flight timing, have more extraordinary features and better camera quality. As the technology continues to get better and more intelligent so does the price of the drones that we use every day.

Get the best of the safety systems

Everyone wants to make sure that the systems, devices or applications they are using are fully secured and safe to operate but only a few are willing to go the extra mile to make that happens. If you want all the dedicated safety features then it is obviously going to cost a little more. But you will be able to secure a variety of safety features such as the obstacles avoiding detection system and better or improved stability options.

During the operation of your Quadcopter, you might not want it to tilt more often or disturb the balance because it can make the drone go out of control and make it more susceptible to crash. Also, the obstacle avoiding detection system will help you to avoid certain objects, persons or obstacles that might come in way of your Quadcopter. This ensures the safety of the person that might come in the path of the Quadcopter or safety of the Quadcopter itself.

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Maintaining your drones

It is not a huge deal to own a Quadcopter drone but what is more important is how you are willing to maintain or take care of your drone. Like a vehicle requires proper maintenance, such as changing the oil more often or taking care of the brakes similarly the Quadcopters seek the same attention from the users. You don’t need to change the oil or anything but after completion of dedicated flight cycle you need to change or replace the batteries for optimum usage and you need to place the drone at the room temperature to ensure the optimum charging.

You will obviously learn to manage your drones with time and will be better off with them while you get a handle over the controlling and flying of these devices. This guide is intended to provide you with the considerable information and resources that will help you to choose the best of the Quadcopter drones out there