Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Guide to buying the best robot vacuum cleaner for your home

In a world where time has become our most precious asset, any device that will automatically do any housework for you must be worth every penny, surely. Well, they’ve gained in popularity in the last year and people are buying them in droves. They were one of the top 50 most purchased gadgets in 2018. 

Not only will these little suckers do your dirty work while you put your feet up, they are smart too and you can boss them about with Amazon Alexa such as the ECOVACS Robotics DEEBOT N79S.

But before we get into the technical details it’s important that you buy the best robot vacuum cleaner for your house to get the most out of it. 

Top tips before you buy

  1. Survey your house first – Take a walk around your house and put yourself in the mindset of a 4 inch tall vacuum. Does it have mainly hardwood floor, carpet or a mixture of both? Is there plenty of room to move about without getting stuck around or even under furniture. Oh and don’t forget steps!!
  2. Check your carpets/rugs – Different robot vacuums are good at cleaning different types of carpet i.e. with long or short pile. There are some that auto-sense the type of carpet and adjust their height accordingly but the price will be higher. 
  3. Think about battery life – Bigger homes will take longer to clean and therefore require more battery power. Our advice at the Darcella team, if you have a big home, is to get a self-docking vacuum that takes itself back to its charging dock when the battery gets low. 
  4. Think about budget – Once you get into the exciting features, it’s easy to get carried away, so decide now how much you’re willing to spend on a robot vaccum and then consider value for money when you review the different models. 

Other interesting features

  • Set a schedule – You can program what times you want the robot vacuum to get cleaning. 
  • Remote control – You missed a bit! If your robot vaccum continuously misses a certain area then you can direct it with a remote control. 
  • Phone control – Have a friend coming round after work? House a bit dusty? Use a phone app to switch on and switch off the vacuum plus program in your cleaning schedules. 
  • Boundary markers – Use magnetic markers to stop the vacuums from cleaning certain parts of the house e.g. you might be half way through a 5000 piece jigsaw!
  • Peace and quiet – Some manufacturers focus on making the vacuum as quiet as possible. This is really important if you want to robots to clean during the night. 

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