Roomba 960 cleaning program

iRobot Roomba 960 Vacuum Cleaning Robot Review

The iRobot Roomba 960 Vacuum Cleaning Robot is an absolute titan of industry. It is undoubtedly an automatic vacuum that gives other manufacturers a run for their money.

Let’s take a tour of the unit

On the top of the Roomba, you’ll find the all famous iRobot camera that maps out your house as it cleans. Next to it are three different buttons that allow you to choose between general cleaning, spot cleaning and to send Roomba home to its charging base.

At the front lies the bumper that covers half the circumference of the vacuum, so if by any chance the sensors miss an obstacle; a slight collision with the bumper triggers a change in direction for the vacuum. At the back is the removable dustbin, with the HEPA filter; also, removable. Capacity wise, the dustbin can hold about 2 cups or half a litre of material, which shouldn’t be a problem if you run it daily.

The Roomba 960 handles multiple types of carpet

Underneath the vacuum are the 2-inch rubber wheels capable of travelling over uneven surfaces. Beside it are the side rotating brushes that push the particles towards the suction rollers. The silicone rollers (also known as “Debris Extractors” by iRobot), in contrast to traditional brushes; grab debris on the sides and push it into the suction chamber above. 

Smart features make all the difference

Boasting the Gen 2 motor, the Roomba 960 runs quieter than other iRobot products. The edge sensors prevent toppling over staircases and the innovative dirt detection sensors make sure that the Roomba performs several sweeps on extra dirty locations. 

Perhaps the greatest feature the 960 has to offer is its virtual wall option. Choose to either use ‘line mode’, which prevents the vacuum from entering specific rooms, or opt for the circular mode that keeps the vacuum from getting within a 4ft radius of the virtual wall. So if you want to keep it away from the dog bowl, be sure to use this option.

Like many vacuums, the Roomba with its 2.4 GHz wi-fi connectivity offers control via voice commands while using Alexa or Google Assistant. What sets it apart is the amazing iRobot app and its features. With multiple languages and customer support in many countries. The app allows you to track the dustbin capacity along with wear and tear of the filter and you can even set up cleaning schedules.

Small enough to fit under a sofa

The best bits

But the most amazing feature is the virtual map system that gives you an entire layout of the cleaned area after the Roomba is done cleaning. This map in turn lets you figure out what places the 960 may have missed or where it got stuck so you can remove any obstacles at that location.  

The Roomba offers 75 minutes of battery usage after a 1 hour 15 minute full charge time. Which may be a little less than most automated vacuums, but rest assured the highly efficient Roomba always gets the job done. And when the battery is about to die, the Roomba automatically makes its way to the charging station, making your life ever easier and carefree.

This state-of-the-art vacuum although pricy, may very well be the best one-time investment ever.