Neato D7 Connected Smart Vacuum

The Neato D7 Connected smart vacuum is the latest model from Neato Robotics and features major improvements over other models like the D3 and D5. The Neato Botvac D7 Connect is tagged as the ultimate navigating Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum. The smart robot vacuum cleaner is full of features that other robot vacuum don’t have and to top it off, the vacuum has an amazing 120 minutes of run time per charge.

Smart Vacuum, Smart Navigation

Gone are the days when you go home instead of finding the house clean and spotless due to the whole day of automated robotic cleaning, you find your house in a terrible mess with your tv hanging from its mounts, and your antique vase shattered to pieces. The smart built-in app together with the “no-go” magnetic divider strips that are included with the vacuum allows you to set the no-go off-limits zone for your vacuum ensuring that your vacuum does not accidentally stray and hit fragile house decors like ceramics and china. The “no-go” magnetic divider strips are also extremely helpful in putting off-limits zone near electronics like computers or home entertainment systems that have running cords and wires so that the robot vacuum does not accidentally drag the wires.

The Neato D7 Connected can also virtually map the floor of your house so that you can monitor its progress over the app or set no-go lines in specific sections of your house. This smart feature allows you to precisely control which areas of the house the Neato D7 can clean without having to set-up physical barriers. This is very helpful if you want to clean just a specific area of the house.

Fully Automated Connected Smart Vacuum

Aside from the no-go lines that let you setup off-limit zones in your house, the Neato Mobile App can also be used to wirelessly control the robot vacuum even when you are not at home. The app can start, pause, and stop the Neato D7 and also provides instant notification on the cleaning progress.

Neato Botvac D7 Connected Docked

The mobile application also lets you set and create cleaning schedules and lets you know where the robot vacuum has been with the cleaning summary that has a coverage map. The application also lets you organize the cleanliness of your entire house through the cleaning history, multi-room navigation and entire level cleaning functions.

The Neato D7 Connected has an amazing battery life compared to other vacuums and can last up to 120 minutes in each charge but even with its high capacity battery, it must be recharged. With the Neato D7 Connected’s self-charging, auto charge and resume functionalities you never have to worry about your robot vacuum running out of power in the middle of a cleaning run because it automatically docks itself whenever the battery is low.

Powerful and Smart

The Neato D7 Connected is equipped with a battery of accurate sensors and lasers that help it navigate and avoid obstacles in your house. The LaserSmart Mapping and Botvision functions work seamlessly with the Neato Mobile App and can even allow you to manually control the vacuum directly from the app. The 360’ Scanning technology scans and maps the room allowing the vacuum to plot the most efficient course in the room. The sensors also allow the vacuum to sense and respond to obstacles like stairs, chairs, and other furniture and allows it to plot a course avoiding the obstacle at the same time allowing it to clean even the most unreachable spots.

Power versus Eco Modes

You can choose from the dual cleaning modes available like the Eco and turbo modes with the Neato D7 Connected. The Eco mode setting allows the vacuum to run at a quieter energy saving pace allowing it to run at an extended time. The Turbo mode allows the vacuum to use the maximum power for suction for a more thorough clean. The Neato D7 Connected is equipped with the SpinFlow Power Clean Technology that allows the robot to automatically adjust suction power depending on the floor surface like carpet, wood, or tiles.

The Neato D7 Connected is a high capacity vacuum that is capable of cleaning up to 5000 to 5000 square feet on a single cycle. It can also be equipped with the Neato Combo Brush or Spiral Blade Brush. The Combo Brush is best for all-around cleaning and ideal for carpeted floors and the Spiral Blade Brush is best for deep cleaning of dirt and other debris. The vacuum is also equipped with an ultra-performance filter that captures twice as many particles compared to other robot vacuums. The Neato D7 Connected also has a 0.7L high capacity bin.

Final Thoughts

The Neato D7 Connected is definitely the robot vacuum for large homes with its high capacity battery, smart navigation, and large dust bin. Its smart features make it more attractive to homeowners who have expensive and fragile antique decorations in their houses. The No Go Magnetic strips, and “no go” lines is really a nice feature to have especially for those who have computers and large home systems with running wires.

The full list of functions that the Neato D7 has definitely made it a top choice for people looking for a smart vacuum in the market. Its powerful suction and large capacity bin allow it to clean more area per cycle and its smart autonomous features allow you to clean your house and monitor the progress even when you are not at home through the Neato Mobile App. The Neato D7 Connected is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. Its price and functions definitely make it one of the top contender in most people’s buy list.