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iLife V3S Pro Remote Docking

This little budget robot vacuum is great value for money especially as it is purposely built to clean up pet hair. It’s essential that you understand if it is the right robot vacuum for your home plus that you take care on preparing your home before use. In fact that goes for any home taking on a robot vacuum for the first time. Read our excellent guide on How to buy the best robot vacuum for your home.

Tackle that pet hair

Pet hair can be a real problem especially if you suffer from allergies. iLife know this and created brushes that work in a way that get hair out of low pile carpets. The spinning brushes will also sweep pet hair where the floor meets objects.

Customers who bought this product will be quick to tell you that works best on hardwood and tiled floors. It will cope with low pile rugs here and there but as long as they’re sticky enough that they don’t get pushed around.

The battery quality is awesome. After about a 4 hour charge, it will easily clean for up to 2 hours before it trundles back to it’s charging station. There is a setting to automatically undock each time it reaches full charge but just make sure you empty the dust bin each time as two hours of cleaning will easily fill the compartment.

In order to keep cost down the iLive V3S Pro doesn’t come with a mobile app like some of the more expensive models. However there is a cool remote control that allows you to over-ride the random cleaning and direct it to those spillages or simply bits that are bugging you.

The benefits of a robot vacuum

You can really go about your daily business leave the robot to clean away. Don’t worry if you have stairs or basements. Underneath the front of the vacuum are sensors that detects sudden drops and it will stop. However, technology can be fooled and should you have any black patterns on your carpet you may find that it gets confused as it will detect this as a drop too. All robot vacuums have this problem though so don’t think this is down to the low price.

iLife V3S Pro Pet Hair

The outer sensors detect objects as it draws near and the robot vacuum will slow down nicely so that it only makes a very gentle bump before turning direction and carrying on its cleaning.

It doesn’t have a “plan” so to speak, a person would go from a corner to the center of the room, but it’s very thorough. If you have pets then you will know that pet hair can get everywhere. It has spinning brushes that get into those difficult edges. Being low to the ground it is very popular with customers for getting under their sofas and beds.

As for noise, it’s fair to say that it’s not that loud but also it not that quiet either. You may need to turn up the volume a little bit if you’re watching TV.

Our Top Tips

  • Be wary of cables and cords
  • Make sure you use rubber backing on your small rugs
  • Empty the dust bin every each clean if you can